It's Tuesday and Elsie, 87, has made an arrangement to visit her old friend Pat on the North Shore for lunch.  They haven't seen each other since Pat stopped driving four years ago.  They talk every week on the phone and I've finally persuaded her to pay Pat a visit.  So I'll take her, then do a few errands, collect her and take her home.  

Elsie's all ready with her grocery list and her dry cleaning, when I arrive at 11.30am.  I've already purchased the small gift she wants to take with her for Pat.

What a lovely reunion.  But I can't stop long, I have work to do.  So I leave them to their luncheon and set off to do the errands.  Today there's grocery shopping, drycleaning, posting her mail and collecting her medication.    

All done, and ready to collect her at 1.00pm as arranged.  Home again we unpack the groceries together while she recounts a happy reunion and plans to catch up Pat again very soon.

I love my work!