If you're a 'Baby Boomer', born between 1946 and 1964, chances are you might also be a member of the 'Sandwich Generation'.  This generation sits between elderly parents, adult children and grandchildren.  

Add to this a spouse and a demanding job and it's no wonder your life feels so busy and so full.  But when do you ever find time for yourself?

So many of us find that the hours outside of work (and often during work) are filled with family and as long as we're able to find a balance within all the relationships it can be such an enjoyable time of life.  

It can easily, however, fall out of balance very quickly if someone becomes ill or their individual needs increase.

YOUR ATTENDANT is helping families provide the practical day-to-day assistance to older relatives, and enabling them to simply enjoy their family relationship and focus on grand-parenting, work and taking care of themselves.