Welcome to my new website

After months of work we're now officially up and running.  It's been wonderful meeting so many amazing people who have all contributed to getting YOUR ATTENDANT to this point.  You know who you are.  Thank you!

Just as we were about to launch a month ago, Mum fell over and broke her hip.  That was both her and Dad in a year!  And so my last month was spent living in a retirement village 24/7 with Dad.  What a treat.  A lovely pace of life, great cafe food (and prices) and such gracious people, the type of people who inspired this business in the first place.  

To start with we're primarily focusing on building a client base on the North Shore although some of our existing clients are over the bridge.  

Please share our service with your family and friends.  We are here to meet the needs of a sector of our community who really deserve a hand.  

Feel free to call or download our brochure and please do visit, like and share our facebook page.