A Wonderful New Beginning

It was 18 months ago when I received a call from Jim.  He needed a hand with his grocery shopping and a few other weekly chores.  Soon however, it became apparent that Jim needed more than just groceries.  He was terribly lonely and was keen to move into a village but didn't know where to start as he had no family living in NZ. 

Skip forward 12 months and Jim is happily residing in a lovely village on Auckland's North Shore.  Together we investigated village options, visited his solicitor, and sorted his possessions.  We selected a reputable company of packers and movers and we helped him choose his furnishings for his new apartment. 

He is now playing bowls and Rummy Cub every week and enjoying the companionship of several other residents, eating dinner in the village cafe weekly and heading out on the village bus whenever he needs to.  We still catch up once a week and it's wonderful to see him SO happy. 

He said last week that "it feels like a wonderful new beginning".

Rest Home Support

More and more often YOUR ATTENDANT is being called on by retirement villages and rest homes to provide service to their residents. 

We step in when staff and family can't!  

We're experts at build a trusting relationship with your elderly loved one.  We're here to help take them out to appointments, medical, hospital, everything!  We're happy to take notes for family, to assist with undressing and re-dressing where required, to collect a wheelchair or walker, and we consciously work at their pace.  Plus, we pop back and visit them when we return to the facility.  Plus, they'll always have the same ATTENDANT.

The Health Benefits of Dancing

The health benefits of dancing for seniors range from improving your physical health to creating strong social connections that increase your sense of well-being.

Dance isn’t just a social activity. It is actively used by the medical community as a form of therapy. In the 1940s, Marian Chance taught dance to traumatized veterans of World War II, helping them express their emotions and work through trauma and stress. Today, dance is used to treat conditions ranging from eating disorders to depression.

Dancing, however, does not benefit only young people. The health benefits of dancing for seniors range from improving your physical health to creating strong social connections that increase your sense of happiness and well-being.


Way more than transport

Richard, 67, lives on the North Shore.  He called Your Attendant wanting to learn how to cook.  And what a wonderful journey it's been.  From a start just two months ago where salad wraps, fried eggs and toast were the only meals made from 'scratch' he's now catering all his own meals.  Lamb shanks, lamb rack, spaghetti bolognese, roast chicken and beef curry are among his new diet. 

With a whole new level of confidence he's now working on his desserts, inviting friends for dinner and enjoying a whole new world of independence, not to mention saving money on take-away food and micowave dinners.  One more very happy client!


It's Tuesday and Elsie, 87, has made an arrangement to visit her old friend Pat on the North Shore for lunch.  They haven't seen each other since Pat stopped driving four years ago.  They talk every week on the phone and I've finally persuaded her to pay Pat a visit.  So I'll take her, then do a few errands, collect her and take her home.  

Elsie's all ready with her grocery list and her dry cleaning, when I arrive at 11.30am.  I've already purchased the small gift she wants to take with her for Pat.

What a lovely reunion.  But I can't stop long, I have work to do.  So I leave them to their luncheon and set off to do the errands.  Today there's grocery shopping, drycleaning, posting her mail and collecting her medication.    

All done, and ready to collect her at 1.00pm as arranged.  Home again we unpack the groceries together while she recounts a happy reunion and plans to catch up Pat again very soon.

I love my work!



If you're a 'Baby Boomer', born between 1946 and 1964, chances are you might also be a member of the 'Sandwich Generation'.  This generation sits between elderly parents, adult children and grandchildren.  

Add to this a spouse and a demanding job and it's no wonder your life feels so busy and so full.  But when do you ever find time for yourself?

So many of us find that the hours outside of work (and often during work) are filled with family and as long as we're able to find a balance within all the relationships it can be such an enjoyable time of life.  

It can easily, however, fall out of balance very quickly if someone becomes ill or their individual needs increase.

YOUR ATTENDANT is helping families provide the practical day-to-day assistance to older relatives, and enabling them to simply enjoy their family relationship and focus on grand-parenting, work and taking care of themselves.

Welcome to my new website

After months of work we're now officially up and running.  It's been wonderful meeting so many amazing people who have all contributed to getting YOUR ATTENDANT to this point.  You know who you are.  Thank you!

Just as we were about to launch a month ago, Mum fell over and broke her hip.  That was both her and Dad in a year!  And so my last month was spent living in a retirement village 24/7 with Dad.  What a treat.  A lovely pace of life, great cafe food (and prices) and such gracious people, the type of people who inspired this business in the first place.  

To start with we're primarily focusing on building a client base on the North Shore although some of our existing clients are over the bridge.  

Please share our service with your family and friends.  We are here to meet the needs of a sector of our community who really deserve a hand.  

Feel free to call or download our brochure and please do visit, like and share our facebook page.