"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone"   - Ronald Reagan    


Getting older is inevitable and as we age it's likely we'll need a respectful friend and companion to help with those things in life that become a little more difficult to complete on our own.    

We appreciate that you're a unique individual, and that your needs will also be unique.  Here at YOUR ATTENDANT your needs are our top priority, and we take pride in delivering the service you require.   

We'll work with you to organise a regular block of time, weekly or monthly in which we can plan our work together.  Many of our clients book a 2-4 hour block once a week at a particular time.  However, any appointments that may fall outside of this regular time are easily catered for.

Our PERSONAL ASSISTANT SERVICE provides you with your very own professional, private assistant, chauffeur, companion and in-home support.

This service is complemented by our CONCIERGE SERVICE.  Simply call us and and we can make arrangements for you, place orders on your behalf, book repairs and maintenance, find products and access information, all from the comfort of your favourite chair. 

At the very affordable hourly rate of $45.00, including transport, our services are designed to meet your every need. 

"I do so enjoy my own home and my independence.  My new friend helps me with anything I need for just an hour or so each week and we have such a happy time"   Judy, 87 (Albany)